Blessed with stunning views of the waterfront and idyllic locations, Arendal is one of the most happening summer destinations in Southern Norway. The area spans across 270 square kilometres and has a population of over 44,000. Arendal town began to develop in the 1500s, was set up in the mid-16th century, and became a municipality in 1838. Over the years, the area saw a lot of growth and development in terms of trading, shipping, and infrastructure, and as of today, it is known for their manufacturing, electronics, and mechanical industries.
While some flock this quaint city as it offers an array of interesting activities like biking, hiking, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing, others simply want to explore jaw dropping natural landscapes and have a relaxing time, perhaps in a sauna? - There’s something for everyone here! You will also come across important landmarks like Arendal Town Museum,Bratteklev Skippsverft, KUBEN, Merdøgaard museum,, and Store and Lille Torungen. There are many guided tours available from established tour organisers whom you can count on. So come, visit this spectacular summer hot spot, and create memories for a lifetime.