Merdø is one of the islands belonging to the Arendal municipality in Southern Norway. Although proof
of settlement on the island is dated to the 1300s, excavations prove that it was inhabited even in the
Iron Age! Until the 1800s, the island was used for docking ships and trade and was mainly inhabited by
fishermen and their families. Though they continued to live in the area until the 20th- century, the
shipping industry saw drastic changes, affecting trade in the area. Over the years, people left the island
for greener pastures. However, thanks to its serene landscapes, visitors from near and far flock to the
island in summer and today, it is one of the most visited islands in southern Norway.


Merdøgaard Museum
Get transported to the 1700s when you visit the stunning Merdøgaard museum. The museum comprises a coastal farm and a home which belonged to a ship captain in 1736. The authorities have taken great care to preserve the museum's decor, furniture, and artefacts as it used to be in the 1800s.
You can purchase your ticket to the museum here.



The island is blessed with a few beautiful, sandy beaches. Take a dip in the blue waters or simply soak in the wonderful sunshine during your time here!


Store Torungen and Lille lighthouses

While taking the ferry service from mainland Arendal to Merdø, you will be able to spot these popular 19th-century lighthouses from a distance.


What activities can you take part in Merdø

Explore the scenic island on foot and be prepared to be enthralled by the beauty of nature at its best. The island is blessed with several hiking spots; many popular walks for adults and children take place in summer here.


Beach visits

There's nothing more refreshing than swimming in the cool waters in summer. Bring your family and friends along to Merdø for some beach fun. 



The area offers magnificent views – the topaz blue waters, wooden houses lined up by the coast, lush greenery, and more.
If you like to participate in a arragned tour around the island, you can join KUBENs Island walks. Book your tickets here

How to get there

By ferry

Merdø is a car-free island; the only way to reach the island is via ferry service by Merdøferga. Though frequent trips take place from Arendal to Merdø in summer, autumn, and winter, booking a ticket in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment.
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How to get around Merdø

You can explore the island on foot. Enjoy mini treks on varying topographies, whilst soaking in the beauty of the scenic views.